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Another word for obfuscate

  1. To make dim or indistinct

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Another word for obfuscate

      1. To diminish the stature of; overshadow or detract from:
      2. To make difficult to discern mentally or understand:
      3. (Linguistics) To reduce (a vowel) to the neutral sound represented by schwa (ə).
      1. To mix up in a confused manner; jumble; bungle
      2. To mix (a drink or the ingredients of a drink), especially with a muddler.
      3. To put into a state of confusion; confuse:
      1. (--- Archaic) To cause to feel embarrassment.
      2. To fail to differentiate (one person or thing) from another:
      3. To cause to be unable to think with clarity or act with intelligence or understanding; bewilder or perplex.
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