Shadow Synonyms and Antonyms

Comparative darkness that results from the blocking of light rays
  1. darkness
  2. umbra
  3. penumbra
  4. obscuration
  5. adumbration
  6. shade
  7. threatened
  8. apparition
  9. in danger of
  10. phantom
  11. in a dangerous situation
  12. umbrage
  13. phantasm
  14. phantasma
  15. dark
  16. fantasm
  1. light
  2. brightness
An agent assigned to observe and report on another
  1. tail
  2. watcher
  3. shadower
To shade
  1. shade
  2. screen
  3. dim
  4. veil
  5. shade-off
To make dark or darker
  1. lighten
  2. brighten
To keep (another) under surveillance by moving along behind
Hint, suggestion
  1. information

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