Sentence Examples

  • Titanium Whisker: You can find this style for $89.00, a deep discount from its originally priced $195.00.
  • Once the paint is dry, use black paint with a thin brush and draw whisker lines.
  • Whisker Smackers freeze dried Cat treats.
  • Waxy (D): Pope (D), Whalebone (D), Blucher (D), Whisker (D), Music (0), Minuet (0), Corinne (0).
  • Of his manner and personal appearance we have the following account from one who was his pupil: - " Daily as the clock struck eight on the horologe of the Luxembourg, while the ringing hammer on the bell was yet audible, the door of my room opened, and there entered a man, short, rather stout, almost what one might call sleek, freshly shaven, without vestige of whisker or moustache.