Sentence Examples

  • It would only confuse the issue further.
  • For the same reason it is erroneous to confuse " all existing" with a general idea.
  • These difficulties were, in the main, the outcome of the peculiar constitution of the empire, of the singular compromise which it represented between ~ the traditional medieval polity and the organization of a modern state, and of the conflicts of ideals and of interests to which this gave rise; these being complicated by the masterful personality of the emperor William, and his tendency to confuse his position as German emperor by the will of the princes with his position as king of Prussia by the grace of God.
  • In like manner it would be erroneous to confuse the sense of the expression as it obtains on the continent of Europe with what is understood under this term in England and America.
  • But it is easy to confuse them by mistaking examples of deduction for inductions.