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Another word for foul-up

  1. A ruinous state of disorder

      1. A chaotic or confused situation.
      2. In a state of confusion or chaos.
      3. To make confused or chaotic.
      1. One that makes a mess of an undertaking; a bungler.
      2. A blunder; a mess:
      1. A dish of chopped meat, potatoes, and sometimes vegetables, usually browned.
      2. A jumble; a hodgepodge.
      3. A mess:
      1. A scene or condition of complete disorder or ruin:
      2. Great clutter or jumble; a total mess:
      3. A place or scene of bloodshed or carnage.
      1. To mix together, especially confusedly:
      2. To mix (a drink or the ingredients of a drink), especially with a muddler.
      3. To put into a state of confusion; confuse:
      1. A cluttered, untidy, usually dirty place or condition:
      2. Something that is disorderly or dirty, as a accumulation or heap:
      3. A confused, troubling, or embarrassing condition or situation:
      1. To perform poorly or ruin through clumsiness or ineptitude:
      2. To repair or mend clumsily or ineptly.
      3. A ruined or defective piece of work:
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Another word for foul-up

      1. To cause to become twisted together or caught in a snarl or entwining mass:
      2. To involve in a complicated situation or in circumstances from which it is difficult to disengage:
      3. To cause (the quantum states of two or more objects) to become correlated in such a way that they remain correlated, even though the objects are separated spatially.
      1. To impair or destroy the value or quality of; ruin:
      2. To harm the character of (a child) by overindulgence or leniency.
      3. To plunder; despoil.
      1. To carry out badly or ruin through ineptitude; botch.
      2. To work or act ineptly or inefficiently.
      3. A clumsy or inept performance; a botch: