Sentence Examples

  • Yes, the bikini top is done in a daringly bold animal print, plunges down to there, and then suggestively ties in the front with just a fluff of string, but the bottom of this bikini is downright girlish!
  • Party dresses are already fun celebratory items, but when they are cut down to diminutive infant sizes the cute factor increases, as often does the fluff and flounce.
  • Kitten to adulthood: It is important to pick a name that will sound as good to you when your kitten has grown into a full-sized, sleek, adult cat as it does when he is a little bundle of fluff.
  • Coffin Sandwiches: Peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and marshmallow fluff are usually popular, so just cut your pieces of bread in the shape of a coffin.
  • Some die-hard Sonic fans have been disappointed with some of the added "fluff" of erroneous dialog, annoying characters that tag along with you, and an overkill of unnecessary video clips.