Sentence Examples

  • They're the symbols of frivolity and the sultry sex appeal you only find in the hottest clubs in Miami on a sweltering evening, where music's pumping as hard as your heart, and the moonlight's making everyone glow.
  • Some people prefer to go for the most natural look possible (try Maybelline's Great Lash), while others allow themselves this one frivolity in their day or night face, building their lashes up to look nearly false (try L'Oreal Voluminous).
  • If the target of the prank uses a wireless mouse, taping the piece of paper over its optical eye means the object of the prank will not be able to use it . For an added bit of frivolity, write "April Fool" on the paper.
  • He did not like to combine frivolity with the serious business of hunting.
  • He displays his own vanity, frivolity and futile cleverness with much unconscious humour, but, it is only fair to allow, with some literary dexterity.