Sentence Examples

  • "Oh nothing, only a trifle," said Natasha, smilingly still more brightly.
  • That the people themselves did not regard the reform as a trifle is plain from the numerous rebellions against it.
  • His earliest publication, the anonymous pamphlet of The Pentland Rising, had appeared in 1866, and The Charity Bazaar, a trifle in which his future manner is happily displayed, in 1868.
  • We may also mention Cupido Cruciatus, Cupid on the cross; Technopaegion, a literary trifle consisting of a collection of verses ending in monosyllables; Eclogarum Liber, on astronomical and astrological subjects; Epistolae, including letters to Paulinus and Symmachus; lastly, Praefatiunculae, three poetical epistles, one to the emperor Theodosius.
  • Per quarter (480 lb), a trifle in comparison with the actual fall in the price of wheat during the same years.