Sentence Examples

  • There is not a tittle of positive evidence for these or any of the other statements to Burke's discredit.
  • His Souvenirs d'un officier du 2 e Zouaves, and Les Dessous du coup d'Nat (1891), contain many piquant anecdotes, but at times degenerate into mere tittle-tattle.
  • Was reluctant to abandon a tittle of his absolute power, nor would the privileged classes sacrifice their timehonoured traditions; they were inexorable.
  • As we cannot without a tittle of evidence accept such a consequence, we conclude that Aristotle formulated the distinction between argumentative and adventitious, artificial and inartificial evidences, both in the Rhetoric to Alexander and in the Rhetoric; and that the former as well as the latter is a genuine work of Aristotle, the founder of the logic of rhetoric.
  • In any reform of the Bund, it ran, Prussia, equally with Austria, must have the right of vetoing war; she must be admitted, in the matter of the presidency, to absolute equality with Austria; and, finally, she will yield no tittle of her rights save to a parliament representing the whole German nation.