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Another word for tittle-tattle

  1. Idle, often sensational and groundless talk about others

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  1. To engage in or spread gossip

      1. To give away (a secret) in idle chatter
      2. (Intransitive) To tell tales; to gossip without reserve or discretion.
      3. To reveal (secret matters), especially through indiscreet or unreserved talk.
      1. To engage in or spread gossip:
      2. To be a gossip or engage in gossip
      1. To spread about (a report, rumor, etc.)
      2. To make noise or a noise
      3. To talk much or loudly
      1. To spread or tell by rumor.
      1. To speak or know how to speak (a language or a language variety):
      2. To utter or pronounce words:
      3. To speak about or discuss (something) or give expression to (something):
      1. To reveal (something about someone) to another, as through gossiping.
      2. To reveal other people's secrets; tell tales
      3. To talk idly; chatter; gossip
      1. To tell (something) to (someone) privately or as a secret
      2. To say or tell privately or secretly.
      3. To talk quietly or furtively, as in gossiping, maligning, or plotting