Sentence Examples

  • The park will be broken down into "rock environs," each one highlighting the music industry's legends, lifestyles, culture and irreverence.
  • This makes a great gag gift for the guy who appreciates irreverence.
  • The charges it occasioned of profanity and irreverence were natural, but groundless.
  • (2) Nor can it be said that the rubric just referred to is in itself a condemnation of reservation: it is rather directed, as its history proves, against the irreverence which prevailed when it was made; and in fact its wording is based upon that of a pre-Reformation order which coexisted with the practice of reservation (Lyndwood, Provinciale, lib.
  • Noah was the first to cultivate the vine and to experience the consequences of over-indulgence in its products, an occasion which called forth the filial respect of two of his sons and the irreverence of the third.