Sentence Examples

  • While many people think that atomic clocks are an unnecessary self-indulgence, others appreciate the ultra high-tech components of their construction.
  • It also usually disallows business expenses that are disproportionately high because of personal convenience or self-indulgence.
  • Edward IV., as has been already remarked, had many of the opportunities of the autocrat, if only he had cared to use them; Personal but his sloth and self-indulgence stood in the way.
  • Her long reign had not lacked intelligence and even greatness; she alone, amid all these princes, warped by self-indulgence or weakened by discord, had behaved like a statesman, and she alone understood the obligations of the government she had inherited.
  • He not merely lacked the ability to govern the empire in a time of crisis, but aggravated its dangers by his self-indulgence and vindictiveness.