Sentence Examples

  • He fought with success against the German tribes, but soon left the defence of the Upper Rhine to his legates and returned to Rome, where he abandoned himself to all kinds of debauchery and excess.
  • Treachery and debauchery filled the first years of the annals of the beautiful island.
  • Alexius III., sunk in debauchery, took no efficient measures to resist.
  • I shall perish of my debauchery if Thou utterly desertest me!
  • But the prevailing impression we carry away after reading him is that in all his early satires he was animated by a sincere and manly detestation of the tyranny and cruelty, the debauchery and luxury, the levity and effeminacy, the crimes and frauds, which we know from other sources were then rife in Rome, and that a more serene wisdom and a happier frame of mind were attained by him when old age had somewhat allayed the fierce rage which vexed his manhood.