Sentence Examples

  • In fact, that's all they do: make that temperamental high-maintenance wine that either drives oenophiles into paroxysms of gushing giddiness or sinks them into sulking, despairing funks of ennui.
  • In large doses it is a poison causing giddiness, deafness, salivation, sweating and convulsions.
  • The attacks of giddiness and deafness to which he had always been liable increased upon him.
  • Perceptions regarding the "me" are notoriously highly charged with "feeling," and the conflict occasions the feeling insufficiently described as "giddiness."
  • Soon after the publication of Vivian Grey, Disraeli, who is said by Froude to have been "overtaken by a singular disorder," marked by fits of giddiness ("once he fell into a trance, and did not recover for a week"), went with the Austens on a long summer tour in France, Switzerland and Italy.