Disorder Synonyms and Antonyms

A lack of civil order or peace
An interruption of regular procedure or of public peace
An illness
  1. disease
  2. ailment
  3. sickness
  4. malady
  5. dysfunction
  6. complaint
  7. ill
  8. illness
  9. infirmity
  10. ill-definedness
  11. blobbiness
  12. inchoateness
  13. indefinableness
  1. health
To put into total disorder
  1. order
To put (the hair or clothes) into a state of disarray
To disturb the health or physiological functioning of
  1. chaotic
  2. disheveled
  3. disordered
  4. disorderly
  5. disorganized
  6. farraginous
  7. immethodical
  8. inchoate
  9. inchoative
  10. incoherent
  11. inordinate
  12. maniacal
  13. pandemoniac
  14. pandemoniacal
  15. riotous
  16. turbulent
  17. unhinged

Words Related to Disorder

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