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Another word for entanglement

  1. The condition of being entangled or implicated

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  2. Something that is intricately and often bewilderingly complex

      1. (Comput., proper) World Wide Web
      2. Something intricately contrived, especially something that ensnares or entangles:
      3. A complex, interconnected structure or arrangement:
      1. (Informal) A fight, quarrel, or argument
      2. Any large type of seaweed, especially a species of Laminaria.
      3. An intertwisted, confused mass of things, as string, branches, etc.; snarl
      1. A knotted or tangled mass or tuft; tangle
      2. A harsh utterance expressing anger, impatience, etc.
      3. A confused, complicated, or tangled situation:
      1. A quantity of yarn, thread, or the like, put up together, after it is taken from the reel. A skein of cotton yarn is formed by eighty turns of the thread round a fifty-four inch reel.
      2. A sequence of events, esp. a series of games won or lost by a team
      3. (Figuratively) A web, a weave, a tangle.
      1. A tract of soft, wet ground; a marsh; a fen.
      2. Anything that entraps or makes progress difficult.
      3. Something that hinders, engulfs, or overwhelms:
      1. An openwork fabric or structure; a net or network:
      2. A net or network
      3. A structure of interlocking metal links
      1. Something made up of many confused or conflicting elements; a tangle.
      2. An intricate, usually confusing network of interconnecting pathways, as in a garden; a labyrinth.
      3. A labyrinth; a puzzle consisting of a complicated network of paths or passages, the aim of which is to find one's way.
      1. Something highly intricate or convoluted in character, composition, or construction:
      2. A structure consisting of an intricate network of winding passages bordered as by walls or hedges; specif., such a structure designed for prayer and meditation: technically, a labyrinth (unlike a maze) contains no dead ends and consists of a single path leading to a center
      3. An intricate structure of interconnecting passages through which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze.
      1. A decorative bow of ribbon, fabric, or braid.
      2. A lump or knob in a thread, cord, etc., formed by passing one free end through a loop and drawing it tight, or by a tangle drawn tight
      3. The round, often darker cross section of such a lump as it appears on a piece of cut lumber.
      1. A form of electronic dance music originating in England in the early 1990s, that blends elements of hip hop, reggae, techno, and house music, emphasizing fast tempos, heavy, elongated bass beats, and highly syncopated, complicated breakbeats and rhythms
      2. A large, undeveloped, humid forest, especially in a tropical region, that is home to many wild plants and animals.
      3. (Uncountable) A style of electronic music related to drum and bass.
      1. A children's pastime in which a string looped over the fingers is transferred back and forth on the hands of the players so as to form different designs
      2. A game in which a string is looped on the fingers to form an intricate pattern between a player's hands that can be successively varied or transferred to another player's hands.
      3. An intricate pattern:
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Another word for entanglement

      1. (Veterinary) A loop of cord used in obstetric cases, to hold or to pull a fetus from the mother animal.
      2. (Rare) A mental or psychological trap; usually in the phrase a snare and a delusion.
      3. A kind of trap for small animals, usually consisting of a noose which jerks tight upon the release of a spring trigger
      1. A factor, condition, or element that complicates.
      2. A complicated condition or structure; complex, involved, or confused relationship of parts
      3. (Medicine) A secondary disease, an accident, or a negative reaction occurring during the course of an illness and usually aggravating the illness.
      1. The act of involving, or the state of being involved.
      1. Anything complex or intricate; complication
      2. The quality or condition of being complex.
      3. (Countable) That which is and renders complex; intricacy; complication.