Sentence Examples

  • Many people opt to have a professional come in to do a mural for a myriad of reasons, including a desire for a complicated, intricate design and trying to avoid adding anything else to the to-do list as you prepare for baby's arrival.
  • Little things like setting goals, writing to-do lists and scheduling your day can make a big difference in your overall productivity, but if you aren't aware of your own pitfalls, getting on track may be difficult.
  • Nesting--the napping and fatigue occurring in pregnancy are jolted by a sudden burst of energy that leaves some women papering the nursery, making long to-do lists and attending to other important provisions.
  • Even if your teenager is mortified by the idea of bringing a "pre-used" notebook to school, you can still keep a few around the house for taking down phone messages, making to-do lists and so on.
  • To Do List: Don't worry about forgetting your to-do list at home or at work because with this application, you can integrate your Tasks, Calendar and Memos on your computer to your BlackBerry.