Sentence Examples

  • This kind of sparse upbeat racket still has the power to move me, for which I am immensely grateful.
  • For stronger players, you may consider going with a stiffer racket (and string tension) as they would have the strength to muscle through and have a more powerful shot.
  • The Nintendo Wii Remote is used for all kinds of motion-based video games on the Wii, letting you swing the Remote just as you would a golf club or a tennis racket.
  • For example, casual wear may dictate what a competitor can wear, such as a safari or sports theme, complete with accessories like binoculars and safari hat or a tennis racket and tennis balls.
  • The on-screen avatars gravitate toward the ball on their own, while you must swing the Wii Remote (just like how you swing a real tennis racket) to hit the ball back.