Sentence Examples

  • Sports items - Sure, the baby you're buying for may not be old enough to play a sport, but his parents will certainly get a kick out of the sports gift you buy, whether it is a football, baseball bat, tennis racquet, or soccer ball.
  • Basketball games with friends, racquet ball or even gymnastics, many people take part in activities that offer exercise as part of the package for the sake of personal enjoyment and the fun it brings.
  • You should also inform the salesperson about your skill level as a player (this will aid him/her in helping you pick out a racquet), and inquire about upcoming or ongoing sales at the store you're in.
  • Look for either goggle-style with side guards, or if you opt for plain shields, make sure they fit close to the face to avoid a finger or racquet jabbing in through the open side.
  • Look for a racquet that is relatively lightweight (but not too lightweight-you don't want the frame to crack while playing), as well as one that you feel comfortable gripping.