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Another word for blare

  1. To proclaim in a blatantly startling way

      1. To laugh loudly or hysterically
      2. To utter or say in a screaming voice or in an excited or fearful manner:
      3. To utter with or as with a scream or screams
      1. (Austral., N.Z., Informal) To treat (someone) to (a round of drinks, etc.)
      2. To say with or utter a shout.
      3. To utter a shout; cry out loudly
      1. To make a loud, sharp, piercing cry or sound, as certain animals, or a person in terror, pain, or laughter; screech
      2. To utter with a shriek.
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Another word for blare

      1. To increase suddenly in size, importance, activity, etc.; undergo swift, vigorous growth; flourish
      2. To move or position using a crane:
      3. To utter or give forth with a deep, resonant sound:
      1. To give forth a resounding call.
      2. To sound on a trumpet
      3. To blow a trumpet
      1. To emit a loud, intense sound; blare:
      2. To play or sound loudly:
      3. To shoot or destroy by shooting:
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