To make a continuous low-pitched droning sound
  1. buzz
  2. drone
  3. thrum
  4. murmur
  5. croon
  6. whir
  7. sound
  8. bombinate
  9. purr
  10. zoom
  11. vibrate
  12. whiz
  13. bumble
  14. sing low
  15. hum a tune
  16. sing in an undertone
  17. burr
  18. whisper
  19. blur
  20. sing without articulation
  21. moan
  22. make a buzzing sound
  23. bum
  24. sing
  25. bombilate
  26. speed
  27. susurrate
  28. seethe
A continuous low-pitched droning sound
An Islamic fundamentalist group in Pakistan that fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s; now operates as a terrorist organization primarily in Kashmir and seeks Kashmir's accession by Pakistan

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