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Another word for burr

  1. A continuous low-pitched droning sound

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  1. To make a continuous low-pitched droning sound

      1. To make the buzzing or hissing sound of something moving swiftly through the air
      2. To move or do something quickly:
      3. To move swiftly with or as with a buzzing or hissing sound
      1. To cause to make or move with such a sound:
      2. To produce a vibrating or buzzing sound or move while making such a sound:
      3. To fly, revolve, vibrate, or otherwise move quickly with a whizzing or buzzing sound
      1. To give forth a confused, droning sound
      2. To sing (a tune) without opening the lips or forming words.
      3. To emit the continuous droning sound of a bee on the wing; buzz.
      1. To make a continuous low dull humming sound:
      2. To live in idleness; loaf
      3. To talk on and on in a dull, monotonous way
      1. To utter or tell (gossip, rumors, etc.) in a buzzing manner
      2. To move quickly and busily; bustle.
      3. To move with a buzzing sound
      1. To bungle; botch:
      2. To speak in a faltering manner.
      3. To say (something) in a faltering manner.
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