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Another word for chirp

      1. To form (one or more inverted stitches) in knitting
      2. To edge or finish (a handkerchief, for example) with lace or embroidery.
      3. To move in ripples or with a murmuring sound
      1. To sing cheerfully, especially in Gaelic.
      2. To sing, speak, play, or move with a light, graceful rhythm or swing
      3. To do something rhythmically, with animation and quickness, usually of music.
      1. To start to move or operate:
      2. To envelop or enfold in a covering:
      3. To cause to begin moving or operating:
      1. To receive aboard or mark the departure of by sounding a boatswain's pipe.
      2. To force through a pastry tube, as frosting onto a cake.
      3. (Naut.) To signal a ship's crew by sounding a boatswain's pipe
      1. To sound, speak, or play with a trill
      2. To produce or give forth a trill.
      3. To articulate (a sound) with a trill.
      1. To utter or sing in a trilling voice.
      2. (Music) To produce a trill on an instrument or with the voice.
      3. To speak in a quivering voice; utter a quivering sound.
      1. To shape by cutting or chopping
      2. (Rare) To cut or chop with an ax or other sharp tool
      3. To break or cut off (a small piece):
      1. (Intransitive) To make a short high-pitched sound, like that of certain birds.
      2. To utter a weak chirping sound.
      3. To write a tweet on Twitter.
      1. To peer slyly or secretly; take a hasty, furtive look
      2. To peer through a small aperture or from behind something.
      3. To look through a small opening or from a place of hiding
      1. To sing melodiously, with trills, etc.
      2. To sing (a song, notes, etc.) melodiously, with trills, quavers, runs, etc., as a bird does
      3. To sing (a note or song, for example) with trills, runs, or other melodic embellishments.
      1. To talk in a rapid, tremulous manner expressive of agitation, timidity, etc.; chatter
      2. (Intransitive) (of a person) To talk in an excited or nervous manner.
      3. (Neologism, Internet) To use the microblogging service Twitter.
      1. To give expression to in a chirping tone.
      2. Of a small bird, to make short, high-pitched sounds sounding like "cheep".
      1. To utter a series of chirps.
      2. To quicken or animate by chirping.
      3. To sound with chirps.
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