Sentence Examples

  • Thematic elements may be incorporated into the ye makeup looks, such as heavy silver-toned glitter and shimmer shades for a winter show, or rich plum or mauve shades to create sultry eyes for a spicy sexy feel.
  • Medium and fair skinned women can pair maroon shadow with a bisque highlighter and soften the look with a sheer plum or rosy gloss , or combine the look with a berry or deep pink lipstick to create a tone on tone mauve palette.
  • Arctotis Grandis - A handsome kind from the Cape, with grey or silvery leaves and stems, and showy white flowers, 2 inches or more across, with a gold-banded pale mauve centre, and shaded with lilac on the outside.
  • Multiple color and tint gradient choices (mauve, brown, blue, yellow, gray, clear, etc.) for different conditions, including low light, glare reduction, clarity enhancing, and color preservation options.
  • Less known, but more easily grown, is R. serbica from the Balkan Mountains, a rather taller plant, in which the leaves are covered with soft brown hair, and the flowers are pale blue or mauve colored.