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Another word for stride

  1. To walk with long steps, especially in a vigorous manner

      1. To cause to move or otherwise progress in a steady rhythmical manner:
      2. To cause (troops, etc.) to march
      3. To begin to move in such a manner:
      1. To follow or pursue (another person) persistently in a harassing and, typically, obsessive way
      2. To advance or spread grimly
      3. To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement.
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  2. To sit or stand with a leg on each side of

      1. (Archaic) To step or stride across.
      2. To be astride something, to stand over or sit on with legs on either side, especially to sit on a horse.
      3. To sit or stand on with the legs astride; straddle.
      1. To appear to favor both sides of an issue.
      2. To fire shots behind and in front of (a target) in order to determine the range.
      3. To straddle an issue, argument, etc.; refuse to commit oneself; hedge
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Another word for stride

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