Sentence Examples

  • If this is inaccurate or incomplete, the Government cannot blame the newspapers.
  • His book is, however, inaccurate and grossly partial.
  • The address of the clergy, inspired by the great prelates, sought to make inaccurate lamentations over the progress of impiety a means of safeguarding their enormous spiritual and temporal powers, their privileges and exemptions, and their vast wealth.
  • It is often inaccurate, and it abounds in farfetched conceits and odd and pedantic features.
  • 1679), the official account, but incomplete and inaccurate; Apologia pro Henrico Garneto (1610), by the Jesuit L'Heureux, under the pseudonym Endaemon-Joannes, and Dr Robert Abbot's reply, Antilogia versus Apologiam Eudaemon-Joannes, in which the whole subject is well treated; Henry More, Hist.