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Another word for ridge

  1. A long, straight, raised portion

      1. Any of the arched bones attached posteriorly to the vertebral column and enclosing the chest cavity: in humans there are twelve pairs of such bones
      2. (Botany) The main vein or any of the prominent veins of a leaf or other plant organ.
      3. Any of the curved crosspieces extending from the keel to the top of the hull in a ship, forming its framework
      1. A line formed by the joining together of any separate pieces; line marking adjoining edges, as of boards
      2. A line across a surface, as a crack, fissure, or wrinkle.
      3. The material between the margin of each of the joined pieces and its outer edge
      1. (Basketball) The metal hoop to which the net is attached
      2. The metal flange surrounding the wheel of an automotive vehicle, on which the tire is mounted
      3. An edge, border, or margin, esp. of something circular; often, a raised or projecting edge or border
      1. The principal mountain ridge, range, or system of a region.
      2. A main ridge or range of mountains
      3. (Geology) A ridge forming the principal axis of a mountain.
      1. The series of joined vertebrae forming the axial support for the skeleton; spine; backbone
      2. (Anatomy) The series of vertebrae, separated by disks, that extends from the cranium to the coccyx, which encloses and protects the spinal cord.
      3. The series of articulated vertebrae, separated by intervertebral disks and held together by muscles and tendons, that extends from the cranium to the coccyx or the end of the tail, encasing the spinal cord and forming the central support of the body; the spine.
      1. A beam along the ridge of a roof to which the rafters are attached
      2. The horizontal timber or beam at the ridge of a roof, to which the upper ends of the rafters are attached
      3. A horizontal beam at the ridge of a roof to which the rafters are attached.
      1. A wall or bank used to screen troops from frontal enemy fire, sometimes placed along the top of a rampart
      2. A fortification consisting of a wall.
      3. A low protective wall or railing along the edge of a raised structure such as a roof or balcony.
      1. The ridge of the neck of a horse, lion, etc.
      2. The ridge on a roof.
      3. The top of anything, or the line or surface along the top; summit; ridge
  2. Land forming a ridge, sense 1