Sentence Examples

  • The visceral hump is low and not drawn out into a spire.
  • They seem to be of the humped variety, but with the hump evanescent.
  • In the Green Mountains the highest point, Mansfield, is 4364 ft.; Lincoln (4078), Killington (4241), Camel Hump (4088); and a number of other heights exceed 3000 ft.
  • This animal sometimes attains the height of 20 hands (close on 7 ft.), measuring from the hump above the shoulder.
  • Growth is greater in the vertical dorso-ventral axis than in the longitudinal oro-anal axis; consequently the foot is relatively small and projects as a blunt process between mouth and anus, which are not widely distant from one another, whilst the antipedal area projects in the form of a great hump or dome.