A kind of music, originally improvised but now also arranged, characterized by syncopation, rubato, usually heavily accented rhythms, dissonances, individualized melodic variations, and unusual tonal effects on the trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, etc.: it originated with Southern blacks in the late 19th cent.
  1. swing
  2. dixieland
  3. bebop
  4. ragtime
  5. improvisation
  6. bop
  7. jive
  8. boogie-woogie
  9. modern jazz
  10. progressive jazz
  11. big band music
  12. animation
  13. blues
  14. syncopated music
  15. cool
  16. wind
  17. fusion
  18. third stream
  19. enthusiasm
  20. hot music
  21. cool jazz
  22. straight jazz
  23. malarkey
  24. le jazz hot
  25. miscellaneous
  26. nonsense
  27. progressive
  28. malarky
  29. scat
  30. idle words
  31. nothingness

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