Sentence Examples

  • The band was playing the Poison hit Unskinny Bop when DeVille switched over to playing Talk Dirty To Me mid-song, forcing the whole band to follow his lead and start the new song in the middle of the one they had been playing.
  • Baby Bop, a three year old Triceratops, sings a song titled My Yellow Blankie, since she always carries a yellow blanket with her, and her older brother, B.J., has a theme song called B.J.'s Song.
  • Woven finishes feel like medium-weight cotton and are often seen in classic blouses with lace collars or in beautifully printed shirts such as the We Be Bop big shirts.
  • Two of the three songs, Bop to the Top and What I've Been Looking For, debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at the same time, a first for any female artist.
  • The decision by the BOP was made because Alcatraz was too expensive to operate relative to other institutions in their U.S. penal system.