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Another word for attack

  1. To assail with words

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Synonym Study

  • Bombard means to attack with artillery or bombs, and in figurative use suggests persistent, repetitious action to bombard a speaker with questions
  • Storm suggests a rushing, powerful assault that is stormlike in its action and effect
  • Beset implies an attack or onset from all sides beset with fears
  • Assault implies a sudden, violent attack or onslaught and suggests direct contact and the use of force
  • Assail means to attack by or as if by repeated blows or thrusts assailed by reproaches
  • Attack implies vigorous, aggressive action, whether in actual combat or in an undertaking to attack a city, to attack a problem

Another word for attack

  1. To start work on vigorously

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Another word for attack

  1. A method used in dealing with something

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  3. A sudden and often acute manifestation of a disease

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