Tackle Synonyms and Antonyms

A contrivance having mechanical advantage
  1. pulleys
  2. block-and-tackle
  3. mechanical purchase
  4. differential tackle
  5. differential
  6. movable pulley
To start work on vigorously
In football, an attempt to down a ball-carrier
  1. flying tackle
  2. low tackle
  3. shoulder tackle
  4. running tackle
  5. sack
  6. plunge
  7. lunge
  8. shoestring-tackle
In football, one who plays between end and guard
  1. linesman
  2. right tackle
  3. left tackle
  4. block-and-tackle man
In football, to endeavor to down an opponent
  1. unharness
In fishing, equipment
  1. gear
  2. sporting goods
  3. fishing gear
  4. fishing paraphernalia
  5. fishing tackle
  6. fishing rig
  7. rig
*To undertake
  1. launch
  2. embark on
  3. work-on
  4. set about
  5. take up in earnest
  6. turn one's hand to
  7. begin
  8. turn-to
  9. plunge into
  10. devote (oneself) to
  11. make an attempt
  12. put-one-s-shoulder-to-the-wheel
  13. dig-in
  14. start-the-ball-rolling
  15. square-off
  16. get-going

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