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Another word for collar

  1. A seizing and holding by law

      1. An amount that can be held between thumb and forefinger:
      2. An emergency situation:
      3. Difficulty or hardship:
      1. A small, open truck with low sides, for hauling light loads
      2. The act or process of picking up:
      3. (--- Slang) A stranger with whom casual acquaintance is made, usually in anticipation of sexual relations.
      1. A piece of sculpture representing the head, shoulders, and upper chest of a human body
      2. (Informal) A spree:
      3. (Informal) An arrest.
      1. The act or an instance of seizing or the condition of being seized.
      2. The act of one who seizes, or an instance of this
      3. An instance of abnormal, especially excessive electrical activity in the brain, causing symptoms such as involuntary muscle movements and the loss of awareness or the ability to pay attention.
      1. The act of detaining in legal custody:
      2. A stoppage; an interference with or a checking of the regular course of a disease or symptom.
      3. The inhibition of a developmental process, usually the ultimate stage of development.
      1. An anxious feeling of foreboding; dread
      2. Fearful or uneasy anticipation of the future; dread.
      3. Capture or arrest
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  1. To take into custody as a prisoner

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Another word for collar

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      1. To make a grasping or snatching motion:
      2. (Informal) To get or take quickly
      3. To capture or restrain; arrest.
      1. To stop or check the motion, course, or spread of
      2. To capture and hold briefly (the attention, for example); engage.
      3. To undergo cardiac arrest.
      1. To gain possession or control of, as in a game or contest:
      2. To succeed in preserving in lasting form:
      3. To attract and hold:
      1. To become conscious of, as through the emotions or senses; perceive:
      2. (Obs.) To seize
      3. To take into custody; capture or arrest
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