Sentence Examples

  • Contact the thrift store that you are considering sharing your unwanted furniture with as soon as you are ready to make a donation to find out what hours and days of the week donations are accepted and if pickup is available.
  • Decorative bath towels can be used to pickup the color of other bathroom accessories to pull your décor together, or they can be the vehicle used to add that splash ofcolor that adds sizzle to an otherwise neutral décor.
  • Most of FedEx's China-based shipments have been business-to-business, with the majority of express delivery packages shipped to or from 89 pickup and delivery locations covered by the joint venture network.
  • Thousands of pickup lines have been uttered over the course of dating history, and many of the best, or at least the most entertaining, have been passed from person to person and collected on the Internet.
  • One way to determine the best service for you if you regularly ship similarly-weighted packages or parcels is do rate comparisons and factor in convenience of local shipping centers or pickup services.