Sentence Examples

  • The entire city was deep in slumber with the exception of a crazy ex-running back and an exhausted cop intent on killing him.
  • He had no ready solution, but continued to believe the ultimate solution she chose to these insurmountable obstacles was a cop-out.
  • The quantity produced from 1845 Cop er the year in which the Lake Superior district became a producer, and in which the total product was only 224,000 lbup to 1908 was 13,106,205,634 lb.
  • To the east Cloud Hill, and to the south Mow Cop, rise sharply to heights exceeding l000 ft.
  • This indeed was forced upon him, for Cop's address was more than the conservative party could bear, and Cop, being summoned to appear before the parlement of Paris, found it necessary, as he failed to secure the support either of the king, or of the university, to make his escape to Basel.