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Another word for nail

  1. To gain possession of, especially after a struggle or chase

      1. To kill in or as in hunting
      2. To swell like a full bag
      3. (Slang) To quit, forgo, or give up on
      1. To carry in one's possession:
      2. To get possession of (fish or game, for example) by capturing or killing.
      3. To subtract:
      1. To bring to a halt; stop
      2. To take into custody; capture
      3. To get hold or possession of; obtain; acquire
      1. To catch by means of a net.
      2. To bring in or yield as profit.
      3. To get or bring in as a net; clear as profit, etc.
      1. To cause to undertake or perform; prevail on:
      2. To take revenge on, especially to kill in revenge for a wrong.
      3. To cause to move or leave:
      1. To go to see (a performance, for example):
      2. To get and hold (something that has been in motion) in a hand, the hands, a container, or an implement:
      3. To take or get passively; incur or contract without intention, as by exposure
      1. To represent (something transient, immaterial, etc.) in more or less permanent form
      2. To attract and hold:
      3. To take or seize by force, surprise, or skill
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Another word for nail

      1. A small knob, nail head, or rivet fixed in and slightly projecting from a surface.
      2. One of a number of small metal cleats embedded in a snow tire to increase traction on slippery or snowy roads.
      3. A small, buttonlike device with a smaller button or shank on the back, inserted in a shirt front as an ornament or fastener
      1. A tool used for cutting the teeth of machine parts, as of a gearwheel.
      2. A shelf or projection at the back or side of a fireplace, used for keeping food or utensils warm.
      3. A device for cutting teeth in a gear blank, etc.
      1. A projecting pin or bolt used to hang things on, fasten ropes to, mark degrees of measurement or keep the score in a game, etc.
      2. (Music) One of the pins of a stringed instrument that are turned to tighten or slacken the strings so as to regulate their pitch.
      3. A short, usually tapering or pointed piece of wood, metal, etc. used to hold parts together or in place, or to close an opening, as in a barrel
      1. (Short for) clothespin, safety pin, cotter pin, etc.
      2. A rolling pin.
      3. (--- Nautical) A thole pin.
      1. A diminutive of the male given names Bradley, Bradly, or Bradford.
      2. A thin wire nail with a small head or a slight side projection instead of a head.
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  1. To hammer

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  2. To fasten with nails

      1. To strengthen, secure, or ornament the edges of by a band, as of tape
      2. To hold or restrain by tying with rope or bonds:
      3. To unite or hold, as by a feeling of loyalty or love
      1. To keep from falling or moving; support:
      2. To maintain a desired or accustomed position or condition:
      3. To stop the movement or progress of:
      1. To bring to a halt; stop
      2. To bring about; effect:
      3. To get hold or possession of; obtain; acquire
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  3. *To arrest

      1. To become conscious of, as through the emotions or senses; perceive:
      2. To take into custody; capture or arrest
      3. (Obs.) To seize
      1. To keep in custody or confinement:
      2. Keep (someone) from proceeding by holding them back or making claims on their attention.
      3. (Archaic) To retain or withhold (payment or property, for example).
      1. To gain possession or control of, as in a game or contest:
      2. To succeed in preserving in lasting form:
      3. To attract and hold:
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