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Another word for bag

  1. A sphere of activity, experience, study, or interest

      1. The earth, especially together with the life it supports:
      2. The universe:
      3. Humankind considered as social beings; human society:
      1. An area of land; a region.
      2. The land and waters under the jurisdiction of a government.
      3. A political subdivision of a country.
      1. An area of land; ground:
      2. A particular geographic area; a region:
      3. The surface features of an area of land; topography:
      1. Being in a position or in circumstances that place one under the power or authority of another or others:
      2. Prone; disposed:
      3. Likely to incur or receive; exposed:
      1. Something seen by a viewer; a view or prospect.
      2. The place where an action or event occurs:
      3. The place in which the action of a play, movie, novel, or other narrative occurs; a setting.
      1. A community or territory over which a sovereign rules; a kingdom.
      2. An area or sphere, as of knowledge or activity:
      1. A territory governed as an administrative or political unit of a country or empire.
      2. A division of territory under the jurisdiction of a metropolitan.
      3. Areas of a country situated away from the capital or population center.
      1. The path of a celestial body or an artificial satellite as it revolves around another body due to their mutual gravitational attraction.
      2. One complete revolution of such a body.
      3. The path of a body in a field of force surrounding another body; for example, the movement of an atomic electron in relation to a nucleus.
      1. A broad, level, open expanse of land.
      2. A meadow:
      3. A cultivated expanse of land, especially one devoted to a particular crop:
      1. A territory over which rule or control is exercised.
      2. A sphere of activity, influence, or knowledge:
      3. The set of all possible values of an independent variable of a function.
      1. A principal administrative division of a government:
      2. A division of a business specializing in a particular product or service:
      3. A division of a school or college dealing with a particular field of knowledge:
      1. A plane curve everywhere equidistant from a given fixed point, the center.
      2. A planar region bounded by a circle.
      3. Something, such as a ring, shaped like such a plane curve.
      1. A person's specific area of interest, skill, or authority.
      2. The office or district of a bailiff.
      1. An enclosed area for the presentation of sports events and spectacles.
      2. A building housing such an area.
      3. A place or scene where forces contend or events unfold:
      1. A roughly bounded part of the space on a surface; a region:
      2. A surface, especially an open, unoccupied piece of ground:
      3. A distinct part or section, as of a building, set aside for a specific function:
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  2. Something at which a person excels

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  1. To gain possession of, especially after a struggle or chase

      1. A slim, pointed piece of metal hammered into material as a fastener.
      2. A fingernail or toenail.
      3. A claw or talon.
      1. To grasp or grip:
      2. To capture physically; seize:
      3. To seize with authority or legal right:
      1. Free from danger or attack:
      2. Free from risk of loss; safe:
      3. Free from the risk of being intercepted or listened to by unauthorized persons:
      1. An openwork fabric made of threads or cords that are woven or knotted together at regular intervals.
      2. A device for capturing birds, fish, or insects.
      3. A barrier against flying insects.
      1. To come into possession or use of; receive:
      2. To meet with or incur:
      3. To go after and obtain:
      1. To get and hold (something that has been in motion) in a hand, the hands, a container, or an implement:
      2. To take hold of, especially forcibly or suddenly; grasp:
      3. To stop (oneself) from doing an action:
      1. To take captive, as by force or craft; seize.
      2. To gain possession or control of, as in a game or contest:
      3. To attract and hold:
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Another word for bag

  1. A container

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  2. *A specialty

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      1. To come into possession or use of; receive:
      2. To meet with or incur:
      3. To go after and obtain:
      1. To grasp suddenly and forcibly; take or grab:
      2. To take by force; capture or conquer:
      3. To take quick and forcible possession of; confiscate:
      1. A contrivance for catching and holding animals, as a concealed pit or a clamplike device that springs shut suddenly.
      2. A stratagem for catching or tricking an unwary person.
      3. A confining or undesirable circumstance from which escape or relief is difficult:
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