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Another word for backpack

      1. A bag or case of leather, canvas, nylon, etc. worn on the back, as by soldiers or hikers, for carrying equipment or supplies
      1. A large bundle of things wrapped or tied up for carrying, as on the back of a person or animal; load
      2. A group of animals, such as dogs or wolves, that run and hunt together.
      3. A small package containing a standard number of identical or similar items:
      1. A knapsack.
      2. A kind of knapsack strapped over the shoulders
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Another word for backpack

  1. To travel about or journey on foot

      1. To move up out of place
      2. To rise, especially to rise upward out of place:
      3. To take a long, vigorous walk; tramp or march, esp. through the country, woods, etc.
      1. To cause to move or otherwise progress in a steady rhythmical manner:
      2. To cause (troops, etc.) to march
      3. To begin to move in such a manner:
      1. To travel through or over; traverse.
      2. To follow (a route, etc.); travel, esp. walk, along, over, or through
      3. To journey or travel from place to place, especially on foot.
      1. (Intransitive, colloquial) To walk about, especially when expending much effort, or unnecessary effort.
      2. (Colloquial) To walk (a distance or journey) wearily or with effort; to walk about or over (a place).
      3. To walk or tramp about; gad:
      1. To walk with heavy steps
      2. To step heavily; stamp
      3. To walk with a firm, heavy step; trudge.
      1. (Informal) To go, esp. on foot
      2. To travel slowly or laboriously
      3. To journey on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas.
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