Sentence Examples

  • The tools employed are chisel, gouge and mallet.
  • What would inspire someone to chisel their name into a rock so far from civilization?
  • His first business is to chisel the surface in lines forming the basic pattern of the design.
  • Thus, for a diamond-petal diaper the chisel is carried across the face of the metal horizontally, tracing a number of parallel bands divided at fixed intervals by ribs which are obtained by merely straightening the chisel and striking it a heavy blow.
  • Many brilliant specimens of these mens work survive, their general features being that the motives are naturalistic, that the quality of the metal is exceptionally fine, that in addition to beautifully clear casting obtained by highly skilled use of the cera-perduta process, the chisel was employed to impart delicacy and finish to the design, and that modelling in high relief is most successfully introduced.