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Another word for steal

  1. To take (another's property) without permission

  2. To move silently and furtively

      1. A sneaker or rubber overshoe.
      2. An investigator, especially a detective.
      3. To work as a detective.
      1. To go or move in a quiet, stealthy way.
      2. To behave in a cowardly or servile manner.
      3. To move, give, take, or put in a quiet, stealthy manner:
      1. Any of numerous scaly, legless, sometimes venomous squamate reptiles of the suborder Serpentes (or Ophidia), having a long, tapering, cylindrical body and flexible jaws.
      2. A treacherous person.
      3. A long, highly flexible metal wire or coil used for cleaning drains.
      1. To move smoothly, easily, and quietly:
      2. To move stealthily; steal:
      3. To escape, as from a grasp, fastening, or restraint:
      1. To move in a quiet furtive manner; sneak:
      2. To give birth to prematurely:
      3. Born prematurely.
      1. To move over a surface while maintaining smooth continuous contact.
      2. To participate in a sport that involves such movement:
      3. To lose a secure footing or positioning; slip:
      1. To lie in hiding, as out of cowardice or bad conscience; lurk.
      2. To move about stealthily.
      3. To evade work or obligation; shirk.
      1. To move stealthily or cautiously.
      2. To act or proceed cautiously or timidly to avoid committing oneself.
      1. To roam through stealthily, as in search of prey or plunder:
      2. To rove furtively or with predatory intent:
      3. The act or an instance of prowling.
      1. Any of numerous small rodents of the families Muridae and Cricetidae, such as the house mouse, characteristically having a pointed snout, small rounded ears, and a long naked or almost hairless tail.
      2. Any of various similar or related animals, such as the jumping mouse, the vole, or the jerboa.
      3. A cowardly or timid person.
      1. To wait out of view:
      2. To move furtively; sneak:
      3. To exist unobserved or unsuspected:
      1. To move in a smooth, effortless manner:
      2. To move silently and furtively:
      3. To occur or pass imperceptibly:
      1. To move with the body close to the ground, as on hands and knees.
      2. To move stealthily or cautiously.
      3. To move or proceed very slowly:
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  1. The crime of taking someone else's property without consent

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  2. Something offered or bought at a low price

      1. To give out in shares or portions; apportion:
      2. To distribute (playing cards) among players.
      3. To give (a specific card) to a player while so distributing.
      1. To acquire in exchange for money or its equivalent; purchase.
      2. To be capable of purchasing:
      3. To acquire by sacrifice, exchange, or trade:
      1. An agreement between parties fixing obligations that each promises to carry out.
      2. An agreement establishing the terms of a sale or exchange of goods or services:
      3. Property acquired or services rendered as a result of such an agreement.

Another word for steal

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