Sentence Examples

  • It has been noted that several of Beckham's future Galaxy teammates know that he has a reputation to be a show stealer and a bit of a playboy on the field and off.
  • Some of the creatures you will be able to cast are: the Rat, Spider, Elemental, Crone, Mercenary, Soul Stealer, Knight, Heroine, Brute, Behemoth and Trap Finder.
  • Tracy dates Olivia's ex-boyfriend, and Olivia often reminds viewers that Tracy is a boyfriend stealer.
  • Consider the spaghetti strapped, criss-cross back; it's one that is sure to be a scene stealer!
  • Plagiarius meant a kidnapper, stealer or abductor of a slave or child, though it is also used in the modern sense of a literary pilferer or purloiner by Martial (I.