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Another word for extract

  1. To remove from a fixed position

      1. To pull at (the strings of a musical instrument) and release quickly with little jerking movements of the fingers
      2. To give an abrupt pull to; tug at:
      3. To pull; tug; snatch
      1. To be capable of being pulled
      2. To draw apart; rip; tear
      3. (Slang) To draw out (a weapon) in readiness for use:
      1. To pull apart or into pieces by force; rend.
      2. To cause to be pulled apart unintentionally, as by accident:
      3. To become torn:
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    put in

  2. To collect (something) bit by bit

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Another word for extract

  1. An excerpt

      1. A way or means of passing
      2. A section of a painting or other piece of artwork; a detail.
      3. A hall or corridor that is an entrance or exit or onto which several rooms open; passageway
      1. An entry in a list of source(s) from which one took information, words or literary or verbal context.
      2. An official commendation for meritorious action, especially in military service:
      3. (--- Law) A reference to a previous court decision or other authority for a point of law, usually by case title and other information.
      1. The act of selecting something:
      2. A variety from which to choose
      3. A range of things from which one can make a choice:
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  2. Essence

      1. A distillate.
      2. The evaporation and subsequent collection of a liquid by condensation as a means of purification:
      3. The extraction of the volatile components of a mixture by the condensation and collection of the vapors that are produced as the mixture is heated:
      1. Introduction of a solution into the body through a vein for therapeutic purposes.
      2. The liquid extract that results from steeping a substance in water
      3. The solution so introduced:
      1. A decocting or being decocted
      2. An extract produced by decocting
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  1. To pry out

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  2. To obtain

      1. To draw forth; evoke
      2. To cause to be revealed
      3. To call forth, draw out, or provoke (a response or reaction, for example):
      1. To draw forth or elicit (a particular mental image, reaction, etc.)
      2. To create anew, especially by means of the imagination:
      3. To give rise to; draw forth; produce:
      1. To infer from data; deduce
      2. To draw out or bring out; elicit or evoke
      3. To infer or work out from given facts:
      1. (Chem.) To obtain or produce (a compound) from another compound by replacing one element with one or more other elements
      2. To arrive at by reasoning; deduce or infer:
      3. To get or receive (something) from a source
      1. To make certain; ensure:
      2. To bring about; effect:
      3. To get hold or possession of; obtain; acquire
      1. To obtain by coercion, intimidation, or psychological pressure:
      2. To obtain (something) by the criminal offense of extortion.
      3. To get (money, etc.) from someone by violence, threats, misuse of authority, etc.; exact or wrest (from)
      1. To inflict (vengeance or punishment, for example).
      2. To call for; make necessary; require
      3. To demand and get by authority or force; insist on
      1. To obtain or remove by pulling with twisting movements:
      2. To take possession of forcefully; seize or usurp:
      3. To distort or change the true meaning, purpose, use, etc. of; pervert; twist
      1. To trace the course or derivation of
      2. To reach (a conclusion) by reasoning.
      3. To infer by logical reasoning; reason out or conclude from known facts or general principles
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  3. To cite

      1. To select, take out, or quote (passages from a book, sequences from a film, etc.); extract
      2. To select or use (a passage or segment from a longer work).
      1. To cite or refer to for illustration or proof:
      2. To refer to as authority or an example; cite
      3. To repeat or copy the words of (a person or a book or other source):
      1. To take as a choice from among several; pick out.
      2. To make a selection; choose
      3. To choose or pick out from among others, as for excellence, desirability, etc.
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Synonym Study

  • Extort suggests a forcing or wresting of something, as by violence or threats to extort a ransom
  • Evoke implies a calling forth or summoning, as of a mental image, by stimulating the emotions the odor evoked a memory of childhood
  • Elicit connotes difficulty or skill in drawing out something hidden or buried careful questioning elicited a reasonable account of the accident
  • Educe suggests a drawing out or evolving of something that is latent or undeveloped laws were educed from tribal customs
  • Extract implies a drawing out of something, as if by pulling, sucking, extract a promise