Sentence Examples

  • Reinvent your romance and rekindle the discovery of your relationship by doing sweet and spontaneous things for one another like love notes in lunch bags, no-strings-attached back rubs or a bottle of wine and take-out on a weeknight.
  • More specifically, the child should not be allowed to eat take-out or fast foods except on rare occasions as a special treat.
  • They are also readily available as take-out dishes from take-aways, delis, supermarkets and a wide number of other outlets.
  • Have plenty of refreshments on hand or order take-out half way through the project to give everyone a chance to recharge.
  • For example, if you budget for $50 a month as discretionary income, such as for take-out coffee or a magazine, keep a slip of paper in your wallet detailing how you spent that money during the month.