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Another word for include

  1. To have as a part

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Another word for include

  1. To contain

  2. To place into or among

Synonym Study

  • Involve implies inclusion of an object because of its connection with the subject as a consequence or antecedent acceptance of the office involves responsibilities
  • Embrace stresses the variety of objects comprehended he had embraced a number of hobbies
  • Comprehend suggests that the object is contained within the total scope or range of the subject, sometimes by implication the word ``beauty"" comprehends various concepts
  • an audience comprised entirely of students
  • Comprise means to consist of and takes as its object the various parts that make up the whole his library comprises 2,000 volumes and includes many first editions and it is often used to mean to make up or constitute the techniques which comprise the scientific method
  • Include implies a containing as part of a whole