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Another word for omit

  1. To take or leave out

      1. To move (something) from where it is; lift, push, transfer, or carry away, or from one place to another
      2. To be removable
      3. To do away with; eliminate:
      1. To get rid of; remove:
      2. (Mathematics) To remove (an unknown quantity) by combining equations.
      3. To remove from consideration by defeating, as in a contest.
      1. To move down with a current of water or air
      2. To cause to become less; reduce:
      3. To write at one's leisure:
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  2. To not do (something necessary)

      1. To pay little or no attention to; fail to heed; disregard:
      2. To fail to do or carry out, as through carelessness or oversight:
      3. To fail to carry out (an expected or required action) through carelessness or by intention; leave undone
      1. To give such a grade of failure to (a student):
      2. To omit to perform (an expected duty, for example):
      3. To receive an academic grade below the acceptable minimum in (a course, for example):
      1. (Law) To fail to appear in court as a party to a case when summoned.
      2. (Computers) To revert to a default.
      3. To fail to do what is required.
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Another word for omit

  1. To fail to include

  2. To neglect