Sentence Examples

  • The total population of the province was 2,125,480; but this figure omits the great majority of the frontier tribes.
  • If any person makes an agreement for the withdrawal of a petition in consideration of a money payment, or of the promise that the seat shall be vacated or another petition withdrawn, or omits to state in his affidavit that he has made an agreement, lawful or unlawful, for the withdrawal, he is guilty of an indictable misdemeanour.
  • Bruce feels this so strongly that the natural theology section of his Apologetics entirely omits the question " Does God exist?"
  • The Provencal (c. 1250), published in Bartsch's Chrestomathie provenrale, omits the "morals," but is remarkable for its peculiarities of form.
  • It also modifies 28, and omits the second half of 29 and the whole of 30.