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Another word for edit

  1. To prepare for publication

  2. To supervise publication

      1. To concentrate or focus (one's sight or attention, for example) on a particular object or activity.
      2. To address or adapt (remarks, for example) to a specific person, audience, or purpose.
      3. To give guidance and instruction to (actors or musicians, for example) in the rehearsal and performance of a work.
      1. To issue a publication.
      2. To issue the written work or works of (a particular author)
      3. To issue a book, newspaper, software, recorded music, etc. in an electronic form, as on a CD-ROM or on the Internet
      1. To work out or form in one's mind; devise, develop, contrive, etc.
      2. To reduce to, or express in, a formula; to put in a clear and definite form of statement or expression.
      3. To express (a theory, plan, etc.) in a systematic way
      1. To speak or read (something) aloud for someone else to write down
      2. To impose or give (orders) with or as with authority
      3. To say or read aloud material to be recorded or written by another:
      1. To arrange (hair) in a certain way, as by cutting, coloring, or curling.
      2. To make consistent with rules of style:
      3. To bring into accord with an accepted style, as of a publisher; normalize spelling, punctuation, etc. of
      1. (Intransitive) Come to a halt.
      2. Cause to come to a halt.
      3. To compose a document, especially one having a standard form.
      1. To set down as a rule or direction; order; ordain; direct
      2. (Law) To claim a right or title through long use or possession
      3. To order the use of (a medicine or other treatment).
      1. To put or maintain in order:
      2. To control or direct according to rule, principle, or law.
      3. To control, direct, or govern according to a rule, principle, or system; specif., to impose a body of regulations on a particular industry, type of business, etc.
      1. To give or deal out; distribute
      2. To flow, go, or come out:
      3. To proceed from a source; emerge or come forth:
      1. To place in separate pieces or examples over an area; scatter:
      2. To apportion so as to be evenly spread throughout a given area:
      3. (Logic) To use (a term) so as to include all individuals or entities of a given class.
      1. To spread abroad; promulgate:
      2. To scatter far and wide; spread abroad, as if sowing; promulgate widely
      3. To become diffused; spread.