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Another word for write

  1. To form letters, characters, or words on a surface with an instrument

      1. To write or inscribe.
      2. To mark with a scriber.
      3. To work as a scribe.
      1. To dedicate (a book, song, etc.) briefly and informally
      2. To mark or engrave (a surface) with words or letters.
      3. To sign one's name or write a brief message in or on (a gift book or photograph, for example).
      1. To write; compose.
      2. To set down in writing.
      3. To put in writing; compose and write
      1. To write or print the final draft of (an official document).
      2. To take the entire attention of; occupy wholly; absorb
      3. To write out in large letters of a kind once used for legal documents
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  2. To form by artistic effort

      1. To manufacture or create economic goods and services.
      2. (Econ.) To create (anything having exchange value)
      3. To create by physical or mental effort:
      1. To write; compose.
      2. To set down in writing.
      3. To put in writing; compose and write
      1. To cause to come into existence; bring into being; make; originate; esp., to make or design (something requiring art, skill, invention, etc.)
      2. To give rise to; produce:
      3. To produce through artistic or imaginative effort:
      1. To produce (printed matter) as by computer, photocomposition, etc.
      2. To create (a musical or literary work)
      3. To create or produce (a literary or musical piece).
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  3. To be the author of (a published work or works)

      1. To write books, scholarly papers, etc. that are published
      2. To issue a publication.
      3. To issue a book, newspaper, software, recorded music, etc. in an electronic form, as on a CD-ROM or on the Internet
      1. To write or compose:
      2. To write with or as with a pen
      3. To confine in or as if in a pen.
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  1. To register in or as if in a book

  2. write-down

  3. To become or make less in price or value

Another word for write

  1. To compose in words

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  2. To set down in writing



  1. cancel, charge off, take a loss on, recognize as a bad debt;

    • write-off

    • forget about, disregard, shelve*, eighty-six*.