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Another word for create

  1. To cause to come into existence

      1. To plant with mycelia grown in specially prepared organic matter.
      2. To bring forth or be the source of (esp. something regarded with contempt and produced in great numbers)
      3. To produce or give rise to:
      1. To beget
      2. To be the male individual or gamete producing (an animal's offspring or a plant's seed) through sexual reproduction:
      3. To be the biological father of (a child).
      1. To get (a play, film, TV program, etc.) ready for presentation to the public
      2. To make or yield products or a product:
      3. To make or manufacture
      1. To produce offspring; reproduce.
      2. To produce or bring into existence
      3. To originate, create or produce something.
      1. To act as a parent to; raise and nurture:
      2. To cause to come into existence; originate.
      1. To come into being; begin; start
      2. To bring into being; create or start:
      3. To bring into being; esp., to create (something original); invent
      1. To rise or accumulate:
      2. To achieve, produce, or attain:
      3. To draw up and execute in a suitable form:
      1. To emerge from or break out of an egg.
      2. To bring forth (young) from an egg or eggs by applying warmth
      3. To bring (a plan, idea, etc.) into existence; esp., to plan in a secret or underhanded way; plot
      1. To act or serve as a father to (a child).
      2. To provide the sperm that unites with an egg to produce (an embryo, fetus, or child).
      3. To look after or care for as a father does
      1. To come into existence; originate.
      2. To bring into existence; give rise to:
      3. To bring into being; bring about; cause; produce
      1. To rear or train; bring up:
      2. To produce (offspring); give birth to or hatch.
      3. To bring up, train, or educate
      1. To cause to exist or occur; produce:
      2. To produce (offspring) by sexual reproduction. Used especially of a man.
      3. To bring into being; produce
  2. To bring into existence formally

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  3. To form by artistic effort

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Another word for create

  1. To conceive in the mind

      1. To apprehend mentally; understand:
      2. To apprehend mentally; understand.
      3. To hold as one's conviction or opinion; think; imagine
      1. (Law) To transmit or give (real property) by will.
      2. To work out or create (something) by thinking; contrive; plan; invent
      3. (Obs.) To guess or imagine
      1. To devise or invent:
      2. To work out or form in one's mind; devise, develop, contrive, etc.
      3. To reduce to, or express in, a formula; to put in a clear and definite form of statement or expression.
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  2. To make