Sentence Examples

  • Two lines in the poem suggest that the satirist, who inveighed with just severity against the worst corruptions of Roman morals, was not too rigid a censor of the morals of his friend.
  • On his return to Rome at the end of three years he was made censor, raised to the rank of patrician, and appointed governor of Aquitania (74-78).
  • Among the other magazines which ran out a brief existence before the end of the century was the Philadelphia Political Censor or Monthly Review (1796-1797) edited by William Cobbett.
  • By a reform of the censor Appius Claudius in 312 B.C. these non-assidui were admitted into the tribes, and the aerarii as such disappeared.
  • Its only direct relation to the control of the press was a request made by it in the name of the Secretaries of State, War and the Navy that newspapers censor themselves in the matter of news that might help the enemy or embarrass the Government.